Facts About Ethiopia

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Today, the world is familiar with the name of an African country ‘œEthiopia’ as a representative of poverty due to its severe financial crisis. Despite a lot of heartbreaking facts, there are many interesting facts about Ethiopia as well. The following is a collection of some very informative facts about Ethiopia:

Fact 1: Among many interesting facts, the most prominent is the record of Ethiopia for being the world’s most populous landlocked country.

Fact 2: Another informative fact about Ethiopia is that this is the country which has the second largest population among all countries of the African continent.

Fact 3: Key information about Ethiopia is its one of the oldest and most powerful civilizations of the world dating back to the 2nd millennium BC.

Fact 4: A thrilling fact about Ethiopian culture is its high rate of marriage by abduction. The ratio of kidnapped marriages has reached up to 69 percent among all marriages within the country.

Fact 5: Wildlife in Ethiopia has reached its worst condition and lowest numbers. The proof of this claim is a long list of critically endangered and vulnerable mammals within Ethiopia.

Fact 6: One of the most interesting facts about Ethiopia is that the Ethiopian calendar contains so many extra days within all 12 months which makes 13 months in a year.

Fact 7: Ethiopia has another record which is worthwhile; it is one of two countries of the world which never remained under the influence of any other country, the second one is Russia.

Fact 8: Ethiopia has remained important for the followers of many religions since ancient times. The name of Ethiopia is also mentioned in the Bible.

Fact 9: Muslims also have great respect for Ethiopia since the time of their Holy Prophet when the king of Ethiopia (Habsha) helped the Muslim immigrants.

Fact 10: The oldest and probably first most elaborated book on Christianity is present in Ethiopia.

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