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FACT 1: The Civil War was fought at Fort Sumter in South Carolina in the year 1861 on April 12th .

FACT 2: The last battle of the Civil War was fought on May 13th , 1865 at Palmito Ranch in Texas.

FACT 3: The Civil War was fought in several places from southern Pennsylvania towards Texas and from Oklahoma and New Mexico towards the Florida coast. Most of the battles were fought in Tennessee and Virginia.

FACT 4: The Civil War was also fought on the Atlantic Ocean, in the Gulf of Mexico, and in the Mississippi River waters.

FACT 5: The number of soldiers who participated in the Civil War from the United States was 2,128,948. The number of soldiers who died in the Civil War is 360,222.

FACT 6: The armies from the northern region could win the war, and the rebelling states joined the Confederates.

FACT 7: Abraham Lincoln (from the Republican Party with 39.8 percent of the votes) won the Northeast and Northwest States in the 1860 elections. The States having slaves was won by Breckenridge (southern Democratic Party with 18.1 percent of the votes). The Northern Democratic Party leader, Douglas, could win 29.5 percent of the votes while John Bell of the Constitutional Union Party could win 12.6 percent of the votes.

FACT 8: Though the causes of Civil War are not clear, an author named James McPherson mentions many of the causes of the Civil War.

FACT 9: According to James McPherson, there were differences between the free states and the slave states regarding the decision of the national government to stop slavery in the areas which had not become states yet.

FACT 10: After winning the elections in 1860, Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President, vowed to eradicate slavery from the areas where it existed. Seven southern States seceded into a Confederate States of America and formed a new nation. The Lincoln government could not justify this separation and thought that the division might fragment the United States further into small countries.

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