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FACT 1: The scientific study on lightning was conducted in the second half of the 18th century by Benjamin Franklin. The nature of lightning was explained and proved with the help of an experiment. Franklin proposed a theory that clouds are electrically charged and that the nature of lightning is also electrical.

FACT 2: The magnetic field generated by lightning was analyzed by a researcher named Agnes Pockels. From her understanding, the magnitude of the current present in a lightning bolt was estimated accurately.

FACT 3: The charge structure during a lightning discharge was evaluated with the help of an electric field measurement by C.T.R. Wilson. Most of the information on lightning and the tools necessary for modern lightning research was given by Wilson.

FACT 4:  There are some tiny particles present in the clouds known as hydrometeors. These particles gradually grow inside the cloud and start interacting with each other.

FACT 5: The collisions between the cloud particles will generate charges. The small particles become positively charged, and the larger ones are negatively charged.

FACT 6: The negatively charged particles are pulled down by gravity, and the positively charged particles travel upwards. This results in the top region of the cloud with a positive charge and the bottom region with a negative charge.

FACT 7: The movement of particles to different regions of the cloud creates a sufficient electrical potential within the cloud as well as between the cloud and the Earth.

FACT 8: The electrical potential within the cloud might exist as a few million volts as its magnitude.

FACT 9: When the electrical resistance of the air breaks down, then the discharge of electricity between the two areas of the cloud or between the cloud and the Earth are formed. This is displayed in the form of lightning.

FACT 10: The average time taken by the lightning to complete its single stroke is 30 microseconds. The power generated in the single stroke of lightning is 1012 watts.

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