Facts About Chinese Food

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There’s probably anyone on the earth who doesn’t know Chinese food. If they have not tasted atleast they will have heard of the Chinese noodles. The spicy food is adored even in the regions where not much spice is preferred.

Fact 1: The chopsticks are one of the most prominent and unique part of the Chinese life style. The tradition of using these stick to have the food is thousands of years old. Chopsticks have been dug from burial plots that are at least 3,200 years old. It is believed that these originated by usage of wooden sticks for cooking and stirring the food while cooking.

Fact 2: China is the largest importer of Ginseng from North America. Even though in North America it is used to relieve fatigue, Chinese use them as all purpose tonic.

Fact 3: Chopsticks are meant only for having noodles. One should not try to pick everything in his bowl with it. It can get really clumsy and it is against the Chinese eating etiquettes.

Fact 4: According to Chinese etiquettes, one should never tap the bowl with chopsticks because making sound with the sticks symbolise a homeless begging for food. Also, it is considered rude to take food from the shared dish and eat it immediately.

Fact 5: It is a popular saying that ‘Chinese eat anything and everything’. It is very true. Their menu has dishes which use a widest range of vegetables, fruits, grains, roots and other plant originated ingredients. At the same time they have the widest range in non-vegetarian ingredients as well. They are probably the one country who has the most variety of meets in their menu. They almost eat anything around them. No meat in any form should be wasted is what they believe.

Fact 6: In a true Chinese meal, the meal ends with soup. They say it helps in quicker digestion of food.

Fact 7: Chinese food uses a lot of rice and no dairy products. They use Soy and other grain sources for their protein which also has more fibre compared to any other source of protein. The daily fibre intake of an average Chinese is 3 times the fibre intake of an average American. Because of this Chinese are less exposed to obesity.

Fact 8: Beijing Duck is one of the China’s most popular foods. The sliced duck meat is served on a thin pancake which is had dipped in the sauce called ‘Hoisinsauce’. It is more of a festival food. Unlike any other regions Chinese food rarely includes any dessert apart from fruits. The food is mostly simple, humble, spicy yet healthy. Rich foods like dairy products are not very popular in China.

Fact 9: It is a known fact that Chinese food is quite popular around the world. But most of the Chinese dishes available in Chinese restaurant around the world are usually localised with local flavours and vegetables and other ingredients. A traditional Chinese at China may not even recognise these food as a Chinese food since they are unaware of most of the ingredients used in it.

Fact 10: Even though Chinese do not prefer much of desserts as a part of their meal, the first ever ice creams were known to be Chinese. First Ice creams in China were prepared around 200 BC. The rice mixed with milk was frozen in the snow lead to the invention of the ice cream in the first place. The Chinese King Tang of Shang used to send over ninety ice men who brought ice from the mountains and mixed flour, camphor, and buffalo milk with ice and prepared ice creams for him. This was how the first official ice creams were made. Chinese even hold the credit of inventing the first ever ice cream machine.

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