Facts About Binge Drinking

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Binge drinking is basically too much drinking or drinking beyond one’s limit. When an individual drinks more than twice their regular limits within a short period of time or drinks continuously over a certain period, then he is binge drinking. Binge drinking is often done in group with an intention to get drunk in the name of recreation causing moral, psychological and physical harm to the one who drinks as well as people around them.

Fact 1: The direct and immediate effects of binge drinking are headaches, hangovers, vomiting, nausea and the most dangerous memory loss.

Fact 2: The indirect harms caused by this are:
• Humiliation and Embarrassment. People under the influence of alcohol often act obscene resulting in embarrassment for them as well as their close ones.
• Accidents. Almost every accident at house is a result of Binge drinking. Apart from the house, more than 50% of the road accidents are also a result of alcohol consumption.
• Loss of valuable items- car damaged during drinking and driving, lost phones, jewellery, wallets, bags and other valuables. Things also may get stolen by people who try to make use of such situation of the drunk person.
• People sometimes tend to spend too much in this binge drunk situation. Since the influence of the alcohol reduces the ability to judge properly people often spend a lot more than they would otherwise spend.

Fact 3: Loss of memory due to binge drinking may cause lot of emotional and a social issue for the one who has been drinking as well as their close ones.

Fact 4: In extreme conditions it also results in death due to slowing down of the heart beat and then stopping. Death can also occur due to chocking on one’s vomit.

Fact 5: Following are the signs that you are a binge drinker. If you:
• Drink quickly and continuously over a short period of time.
• Drink to get drunk. That is when you enjoy getting drunk.
• Regularly drink more than the lower risk guidelines in a single session.

Fact 6: Rate of Binge drinking has considerably reduced from 90’s. It was common then. Now people are much aware of the consequences lead by this habit. As more and more people are getting educated, even though rate of social drinking over the time has increased, binge drinking has reduced. It is no more considered cool by most of the youths anymore.

Fact 7: Drinking slowly over a long period accompanied by food will not have the same effect as binge drinking even though quantity of alcohol consumption is same. When you drink quickly, the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) will increase unlike in the earlier case and this is what makes you a binge drinker. This is just like consumption of sugar in diabetic patients.

Fact 8: This habit often leads to inability to work and hence loss of pay and ultimately loosing the work. This is how the habit effects economically apart from being stolen and spending out of control.

Fact 9: Statistics says that 1 out of 6 Americans is a Binge drinker. How do you known when you are binge drinking exactly? When man drinks more than 10 units and women drinks more than 7 units of alcohol. 10 units of alcohol comprise 5 pints of regular beer or two large glass of wine or couple of vodkas.

Fact 10: Most common age to be affected by binge drinking is Adolescence. It is an age when most of the wrong things seem right, so does the binge drinking. Also, due to the changes in the body of an adolescent they are more vulnerable to any kind of chemical effects.

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