Facts About Bipolar Disorder

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Bipolar disorder is the condition of a mental disorder in which the affected person experiences sudden changes in his or her mood from mania to depression. This mood swing disorder has become very common all over the world. If you want to know some interesting facts about bipolar disorder, just stay with us.

Fact 1: A very informative fact about bipolar disorder is that the ratio of suicides is very high among the people suffering from a such mood swing disorder.

Fact 2: When a person is affected with bipolar disorder, he goes back and forth between mental conditions of an irritable mood or a high energy level to a low mood with intense depression.

Fact 3: The duration between mood swings can be as long as a day or even a week, but in severe conditions it may be very quick.

Fact 4: Research work about the causes of bipolar disorder is still ongoing, but there is no definite cause behind such a mental disorder revealed to researchers.

Fact 5: A thought about the cause working behind bipolar disorder is that this is a genetic problem and can be transferred in family members.

Fact 6: The people suffering from bipolar disorder are not as many as the people suffering from depression. The ratio between bipolar disorder patients and depressed persons is 1:100.

Fact 7: There are three stages of bipolar disorder. However, there is no limit for age or gender for falling into any one category. Usually, people between 15-25 years  of age are the victims of this disorder.

Fact 8: People usually do not take bipolar disorder seriously and leave it untreated. Ultimately, the situation becomes severe and one’s highly elevated mood converts into anger or an extremely manic condition.

Fact 9: Well, the suggested medicines for bipolar disorder are: anti-anxiety drugs, anti-psychotic drugs, anti-seizure drugs, and some mood stabilizers.

Fact 10:  An important fact about the treatment of bipolar disorder is that regular exercise, adequate sleep, and the company of supportive people can help the patient in a positive manner.

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