What is cltlmh.exe?

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The file ‘cltlmh.exe’ is an executable file that is part of the file group called Symantec Shared Components.  People commonly encounter this file when their computers are installed with software from Symantec Corporation, most specifically the Norton antivirus software.  When this particular software is installed in one’s computer, many of its component files run in the background while computer viruses and malware are being checked.  One such component file is cltlmh.exe, and it will continue to be present in one’s computer when the Norton Antivirus software or any Symantec software remains installed.

Based on its specifications as an exe component file, cltlmh.exe is typically not a CPU-intensive file.  It runs with minimal computer resources even if other applications are running.  The most common problem that people encounter regarding this file is that some very CPU-intensive programs may behave differently or even experience errors when the antivirus software is running or updating itself.  When an error or glitch occurs, the application in use may crash and may point to the cltlmh.exe file as the culprit. With this experience, some people instantly view this component file as a virus when, in fact, it is actually not.  Although it may also be infected with some malware and spyware because of its properties, the running of cltlmh.exe may simply be stopped through a simple reconfiguration of the Norton antivirus software from Symantec.  When this software is active and runs in the background, sometimes it may interfere with other programs such as games and other applications. When any error pointing to cltlmh.exe happens, one just needs to set Norton Antivirus to silent mode.  In this way, the software continues to run but with fewer activities and no interruptions to other applications.  With the antivirus software turned silent, playing games or opening other applications are expected to run smoothly with remote chances of encountering errors related to the cltlmh.exe file.

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