10 Facts Everyone Needs To Know About Puberty

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we all got our wish and experienced the magic that is puberty when we were like, 13 and socially awkward? For those of us who weren’t born with the gene pools of flawless celebrities, there was nothing better than the fantasies of skipping the awkward stages before puberty hit, and when we finally knew which clothes to wear and how to put our best foot forward. Don’t confuse good old Puberty with Adolescence, as Puberty is primarily known as the physiological growth, as well as the anatomical development changes within a growing child’s body that takes place when the pituitary gland releases growth hormones.

Simply put, puberty is the time when your body begins to develop, the transition from child to adult. To help you navigate through all the confusion, here are 10 facts everyone needs to know about puberty:

Fact 1: Oh yes! Puberty calls for an increase in height! On average, girls aged 9 years old have already gained roughly 17 to 18 percent of their adult height! Aside from excess body hair starting to grow, the added height and breasts aren’t so bad, right ladies? So here’s the line-up of what to expect when the big P hits: breast developing, growth of under arm and pubic hair, a growth spurt, as well as the beginning of menstruation. As for the men, they go through: genital development, growth of under arm and pubic hair, a growth spurt, instances of ejaculation, better known as getting those wet dreams, as well as a change in the depth of your voice. Oh, and let’s not forget the facial hair for some. (We’re looking at you, Andrew Garfield).

Fact 2: Precocious puberty is most common among girls, and a study shows that women experience this ten times more than men do. This type of puberty is also known as sexual development, and may be begin at any age. Pregnancies among girls who experience this have been reported to be from ages 5 to 6 years old.

Fact 3: That old myth about bad junk food, greasy take-away and chocolate being the cause for all that severe acne isn’t true in the slightest. It’s all in the genetics that you have. Hate to break it to you, but some people can afford to eat anything they want and get away with it, because their genes have an entirely different make up. Whereas some people’s genetics tend to get aggravated when taking certain food. Nonetheless, everyone goes through the sprinkle of pimples stage, and everyone gets thought it eventually with a good skin care regimen.

Fact 4: Don’t fret about whether or not you’re on the puberty train a little earlier or later than everybody else, because everyone goes through it at their own pace and it’s perfectly natural. Girls can start developing as early as age 9, and may even start as late as age 15. While boys on the other hand can start as early as 10, and continue until about 17 or 18.

Fact 5: it is possibly to grow taller overnight, especially when it comes to the lads. Growth spurts that take place over night make way for maladjustment with their motor-neuron skills. Ergo: clumsy, awkward, gawky teenage boys! Ah, but this too, shall pass.

Fact 6: Once puberty hits, women experience a monthly vaginal discharge of old blood and other bodily fluids called menstruation. Cramps and curves follow suit.

Fact 7: Women who start their periods earlier than the usual age 12 are at a higher risk of contracting breast cancer than women who start their periods at age 12 and later on in life.

Fact 8: When it comes to our bodies growing, I all starts with our hands and feet! In other words, our limbs are the parts of our bodies that grow first, followed by the trunk.

Fact 9: at any stage in life, great nutrition and regular exercise is a must! Not only do they help keep you in shape, but the influence puberty greatly, helping your developing body lean toward a healthier outcome.

Fact 10: We are longest (or tallest) at night, when we’re fast asleep. Throughout the day, we gradually shrink.

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