10 Awesome Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Friendly Neighborhood Dentist

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Known for being one of the most diligent, as well as patient professionals, dentists take the lead on the list of the world’s unsung heroes. Dentists, who are responsible for our healthy smiles and the megawatt smiles celebrities we gush over need to earn a living, provide a range services that ensure everything from our teeth to our gums and everything in between are pristine.

Ready for more? Here are 10 awesome facts you didn’t know about your friendly neighborhood dentist:

Fact 1: You’ll never get this! Dentists and Dentistry is the butt of 10 percent of the world’s dirty jokes! Can you imagine that? Pearly whites not so clean and pearly after all.

Fact 2: Dentists bring in the big bucks! According to Bureau of U.S. Statistics, Oral and Maxillofacial earn the highest median salary in the world! Both ranking number one on the list, these dental super stars earn an annual median salary that surpasses the $166,400 mark! Orthodontists snag number three on the list, while general as well as specialty dentists snag fifth and sixth place, respectively. Rounding up the list are the Orthodontists, who take ninth place! These guys take up the top 10 for highest paid, so you might want to consider a career change in my opinion.

Fact 3: Dentists are known to be one of the most ethical and honest people in the work force! Back in 2012, the Gollup Poll rounded up answers as to which profession the public thought ought to deserve a title for being the most respectable and decent. The winner? You guessed it: Dentists

Fact 4: Just like snow flakes, finger prints, and the stripes on a zebra, no set of teeth are the same! Each tooth has their a structure that is uniquely their own, so it’s no wonder that teeth are important elements in trying to solve an identity in those forensic shows that we love to watch so much!

Fact 5: Dental hygiene wasn’t a walk in the park as we know it to be today. Back the Greeks couldn’t just drop by their local convenience store to pick up a tube of toothpaste. In order to get their pearly whites gleaming, they had to produce a mixture composed of pumice, talc, alabaster, as well as some iron rust! Go figure!

Fact 6: Ever wonder just how much time we dedicate to brushing our teeth? Well, the average person spends about 38 and a half days brushing their teeth!

Fact 7: Bet you didn’t bother figuring out there was more to your teeth that just baby teeth and permanent ones. There are four types of teeth that each of us have, namely: incisors, canine, premolars, as well as molars that aid in the cutting, tearing apart and chewing of our food. How nice.

Fact 8: The amount of saliva we fill our mouths with in an entire life time, you ask? It’s roughly 25,000 quarts of saliva! That’s more than enough to fill two large swimming pools! But wait, there’s more. Saliva does more than just drip out of your mouth when you’re fast asleep. It aids in digestion, as well as protects your teeth from the bacteria in your mouth. Thank you, sticky goop.

Fact 9: If you thought those elbows, knees, and knuckles were the best type of ammo your body could ever provide for you, think again! The enamel that coats your teeth are in fact the strongest substance in your body! Better brush and floss more religiously now!

Fact 10: The first ever woman to become a licensed dentist is Lucy Beaman Hobbs, who started her practice back in the year 1866.

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