What is VRT?

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What is VRT?
VRT is the abbreviation for Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy. This is a program using exercise based techniques. These are designed for the promotion of the central nervous system basically for inner ear ailments. This type of treatment is also used to help different types of vestibular health dilemmas including conditions such as unilateral or bilateral hypo-function of the vestibules. This condition actually refers to the malfunction or reduced function of one or both inner ears. There are also ailments which are catered for such as the paroxysmal positional vertigo also known as BPPV.

VRT basically affects individuals who are dealing with long-term inner ear problems which are unfortunately unresolved. These are problems which may have undergone medical management in a longer period of time but still have little or zero success at all. Patients who are grappling with conditions such as abrupt or acute loss of the function of the vestibules are likewise helped with VRT succeeding the surgery for related disorders.

This treatment is very much recommended and necessary especially when dealing with damages on the vestibular organs due to injuries or diseases. This is when the central nervous system, particularly the brains could no longer trust the affected organs to deliver accurate information or data. These are data which is more about motion and equilibrium which as links with dizziness, balance problems, vertigo and other related symptoms.

During the VRT process, a qualified therapist, specifically physical therapists or PT, as well as OT or occupational therapists, perform a comprehensive evaluation. The medical history of the patient is carefully assessed and analyzed including the thorough observation and measurement of the balance and gait, posture and all other compensatory strategies. The therapist basically develops personalized plans based on the results of the evaluation or diagnosis. This includes therapy for the eye, head and body.

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