What is Tincture?

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What is Tincture?
Tincture is an alcohol-based derivative product of fresh herb or other plant with natural contents. The primary function of this derivative substance is as alternative medicine. There are other industries and applications which use it as dietary supplement. In some cases especially in mainstream pharmaceuticals, medicines are basically still offered in their tincture form. Moreover, this is still a very common and important method popularly used among homeopathic practitioners and herbalist.

Although the option is still very much present in contemporary medicine industry, there are also complications or problems that pharmacists encounter. One of these problems is drug potency. The process of making this important medicine alternative is through mixing the drug compounds by hand. When the product is completed at the drugstore, it is eventually sold to patients. Nevertheless, due to the powdered form of the drug, it could potentially lose its potency especially after days or weeks. However, remedies which are created in their tincture form could maintain its potency even after several years.

The substance has different components including vinegar, glycerin and alcohol. These compounds when combined could provide and add stability to the chemicals with concentrated properties in the herbs. There are hundreds of herbs and plants which are strong and compatible enough to survive the process of making tinctures. Nevertheless, there are formulas which involve chemicals such as mecucrhome, laudanum and iodine.

Due to the straightforward process and the few quantity of ingredient required to make tincture, most herbal medication believers come up with their own versions today. You could even resort to homemade types which are basically cheaper compared to their commercial counterparts. However, when made using the right processes and ingredients, you could make it potent up to a couple of years. The ultimate goal of tincture is to provide a concentration of herbs with healing essences.

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