What is ROV?

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What is ROV?
ROV refers to Remotely Operated Vehicle used in the marine technology. It is a tethered vehicle utilized for underwater exploitation and development. The deepwater industries that use and benefit from this type of vehicle include offshore hydrocarbon extraction. In some cases, this is also termed as remotely operated underwater vehicle. This is to basically set it apart other remote control vehicles which are generally used in the air or on land.

What are the main features of ROV?

These vehicles are basically unoccupied or unmanned and highly maneuverable. The person operating the vehicle is usually aboard another vessel such as ship or boat. The vehicle is linked to the main vessel or ship through a tether which is also known as umbilical cable. Tethers are group of cables which are utilized to carry electrical power, data signals or videos back and forth transmitted between the vehicle and operator. In more innovative and advanced power applications, hydraulics are also used other than the electrical cabling. There are also additional features in the equipment to make it more useful and expand its capacities. Most remotely operated vehicles are integrated with magnetometers, sonars, manipulators or cutting arm, still cameras, water clarity measuring instruments, water samplers, temperature and light penetration tools.

What are the main uses of ROV?

This vehicle is primarily used for deepwater exploitation and industries especially with its introduction in the commercial market in 1970s. There are places underwater which are far beyond the reach of human divers hence these vehicles are used as alternatives. The vehicles are basically used to develop gas and oil reserves which people could not reach. There are also scientific explorations and research on marine biology which needed this remotely controlled medium.

ROV has been an indispensable tool in various industries and applications from military operations to science and educational research and the gas and oil industries.

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