What is ONN?

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What is ONN?
When you live in Ohio, by now you must have already known what ONN is. It is the abbreviation for Ohio News Network. It runs different programs in both television and radio for the entire state of Ohio. Since it was built, it has already serviced more than 1.8 million households all over the states. It is owned and run by the Dispatch Broadcast Group for quite a few decades now.

Since ONN is basically a news network, it boasts of its different news programming that run throughout the day. You can find one starting from the morning until night. You will also see some breaking news from time to time.

However, ONN is not just featuring news related shows. It has also run not news related programming. They have targeted the youth through their different game shows. They also have business related programs as well as shows that would advertise Ohio. Thus, ONN has also helped in boosting the tourism industry of the state. They also have different sports related shows, featuring hockey, football, and many other sports that took place in the state.

ONN also has different broadcasting partners. They also have sub- stations available in different key cities within the state. It has also collaborated with many corporate sponsors, allowing them to sustain its operational expenses and still run as a business.

To top it all, ONN has already garnered different awards. Through the years of being on air in both TV and radio, it has already won the hearts of the people from Ohio. At this point in time, ONN seeks to continue its services to the people of the state and make better their performance. They also do their best to provide services to every household within the state of Ohio.

Indeed, ONN has proven to be a very reliable news source over the years.

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