What is a bagua?

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What is a bagua?

A bagua is a tool used by Feng shui masters and experts in determining the so-called energy of a given space.  Feng shui is a geomancy system used by the Chinese and it is based on the laws of the earth and heavenly bodies.  Through tools like the bagua, experts on this subject matter are able to determine if a particular room or space has positive and/or negative vibes and properties.

When applied to directions and spaces, the bagua represents 8 different directions with each direction having various associations called life areas.  One part of the bagua points to the North direction much like when one uses a compass.  The North direction points to the element of water and the life areas involving one’s career and life path.  The colors black and blue are also associated with the North direction. The North direction is also considered the sixth direction out of the eight bagua areas.  In some interpretations, the North represents the moon, the abyss, or danger.  The South direction meanwhile represents the fire element with associated red, yellow, and orange colors.  The life area involved in this particular area represents one’s reputation as a person or one’s popularity.

Other areas of the bagua are the East, West, Northeast, southeast, Northwest, and Southwest.  Each of these areas also represents different life areas, elements, and colors.  The center of the bagua tool is considered the area for the self.  This part also represents Earth or one’s home.  Based on feng shui beliefs, all life areas may seem separated by actual directions but are actually intertwined.  One’s career life area for example is mixed with other life areas like knowledge, children, friends, family, fame, wealth, and relationships.  As for the experts, each direction must be adjusted in order for one to achieve positive energy in many aspects of life.

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