What is LauncherPro?

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What is LauncherPro?

Launcher Pro is an application that allows Android phone users to make customizations on their phone beyond the actual allowable features of the said phone.  The only requirement for this application is for the phone to have an Android operating system.  Launcher Pro is offered for free allowing any Android phone user to tinker with their phone in terms of icon layouts, screen features, and other customizable elements.

One great feature of Launcher Pro is its ability to configure up to seven homescreens.  Many people have different preferences on what items or buttons they want on their homescreen.  Using a generic Android phone may allow simple customizations of apps and buttons on the homescreen.  But with the Launcher Pro installed, user home screens can be customized with preferred icons, apps, and widgets.

Launcher Pro also allows for several apps on the phone dock which is a very cool feature for many people. By simply swiping on the dock, one can instantly get the features and details of a chosen application.  All these flexibility along with notifications on unread emails from the GMail server, unread messages in the phone inbox, and the number of miscalls.  The Launcher Pro application also allows for customization of the icon columns and rows which suit the preferences of many people.

Standard app launchers may be enough for some people, but with the customization features and flexibility offered by Launcher Pro, many Android fans have downloaded this free application.  Through this particular app, homescreens can easily be customizable with transitions from one application to another running fast and smooth.  If a person for example has created 5 different homescreens, moving from one screen to the next is fast and easy.  Even the contents of folders are easily combined through Launcher Pro.  And the best thing for most people is that this particular application can be updated with the latest version available with even more features offerred.

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