What are Ebates?

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What are Ebates?

Ebates refers to an online shopping website that gives away cash rebates to its loyal customers.  By simply shopping through the merchant stores that are part of the Ebates website, people will get special discounts including cash-back guarantees.  “Ebates” is literally the electronic version of cash rebates since it involves online purchases.

Ebates has hundreds of affiliate merchants and online stores where one can basically find almost anything to buy online.  And the best thing about Ebates is that joining the online shopping community is free.  One just needs to have an email address and register to the site. The great thing about the site is one simple registration automatically earns a person his/her first ebate or cash bonus.

By simply shopping through the Ebates website, members will get cash rebates from various online stores.  This particular system is beneficial to all parties involved.  In the case of the online retailer or merchant, more people are introduced into their own site because of Ebates members.  The Ebates site meanwhile will earn a commission for every member that buys something from an affiliate site through their own website.  And ultimately, all the online shoppers will also get their share of the commission paid by the merchant to Ebates.  This commission will now become the shopper’s cash rebates which could be withdrawn every three months through Paypal or check issuance.

As a company, Ebates was founded back in 1998 but only became widely popular recently.  Cash rebates or “ebates’ by affiliate merchants usually range from 1% to about 25% of the product cost.  This presents a great value for the budget-conscious online shopper.  Another great feature of Ebates is the incentives for referrals.  One will instantly get 5 dollars just by referring a friend or relative to the Ebates website.  And the more friends are referred to Ebates to sign up, the more bonuses a person can get.

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