What is Xcelsius?

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What is Xcelsius?
Xcelsius is also known as Crystal Xcelsius and this is a software tool which enables you to make excel file importation especially in its snapshot form. There are various things you could actually do with this type of system specifically creating or building file models.

You are able to attach certain data or components to your file or make compilation of your dashboard through the use of a Flash SWF file. Finally, after creating your model through the aforementioned steps, you could come up with its publication using a format which you could play through Macromedia Flash Player.

It is basic to note that this type of system is only utilized to operate with Excel XLS data and documents. No other files or documents could work with the system including .csv, .txt and .dbf extensions. Accessing MDB files is also not allowed or possible using this type of system. Nevertheless, it is possible to work with Excel spreadsheets regardless of the size of the spreadsheet you are using. However, the data quantity is important and this could practically affect and even modify the function and visualization as presented in the dashboard.

There are basically three main types or versions highlighted and used in this system. First is the standard edition which is utilized and designed for basic users of Xcelsius. It has the simplified and initial features which allow you to start with the system particularly using visual analytics with interactive specifications.

Professional version is the one utilized and operated by larger organizations. These are corporations which have massive amounts of data and needed a system that could handle innumerable levels of data. Finally the Workgroup version is created for certain systems which are dealing with live data connectivity. Xcelsius is a must-have tool for effective and easy building of Excel file data and documents.

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