What is WXGA?

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What is WXGA?
WXGA means Wide Extended Graphics Array, also coined as Wide XGA. It is a set of resolutions, which are basically non standard and derived from XGA Display Standard. This is done through expanding the resolution to a wide screen aspect ratio. In most cases, it is commonly used for LCD computer monitors intended for widescreen presentation. Low-end LCD TVs are likewise devices, which could be used with this type of graphic resolution.

The resolution of 13666 x 768 pixels is generally used for televisions or other types of monitors utilized for consumer entertainment purposes. The aspect ratio of this resolution type is 16:10. This is most popularly used for electronic devices such as laptops that have 14 inch or 15 inch screens. You could actually find some varieties when referring to the exact resolution however, the most commonly used is 1280xnnn resolutions. This is the one utilized for the first or previous widescreens. It is also a term used for laptop displays especially for widescreen computers.

WXGA is a versatile and varied resolution, which could be used in a wide number of pixels. The following are some of the resolutions, which are also labeled in this category including 1280×720, 1280×768, 1280×800, 1360×768 and 1366×768. Amongst these pixels, the resolution that provides perfect square pixels is the 1280×720 with the 16:9 aspect ratios. The significance of this display includes delivering state-of-the-art resolutions for crisp and clear imaging. Tons of laptop manufacturers highly prefer this in providing remarkable widescreen viewing capacities especially on computer notebooks with multimedia features.

WXGA is a type of graphic display resolution, which provides seamless and top quality viewing experience when utilized with proper application. High quality use of this system helps in increasing the pixel density, deliver smooth and clear picture quality that is close to its original source.

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