What is Windows Live? – A Short Summary

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What is Windows Live? ‘“ A Short Summary

According to Microsoft, Windows Live is ‘all you need to stay in touch and keep your life in sync’. Windows Live is a collective brand name used for Microsoft’s set of services and software products. Most of the services included are applications for the web, which means accessible from a browser. However, not all are web applications; there are also client-side applications that need installation on a personal computer.

To make things easier to understand, Windows live is a compilation of services and programs created by Microsoft. The programs compiled were aimed to help a user focus on his life. It helps user to go beyond the computer and helps manage daily activities. Moreover, the good thing about Windows Live is its price, which is ‘free’.

With the use of Windows Live people can help users to stay in touch with the people they love. It also helps them organized their online lives. Moreover, the services do not only focus on the web but as well as programs for PC and your mobile devices.

Below is a little summary of Windows Live services.

Web Applications

Home ‘“ it is like a quick view of the essentials. It includes email invitations, news about your network and things to come up in your calendar.

Profile ‘“ application used for sharing your photos, activities and everything you do on the web.

People ‘“ it is like an all in one place for managing contacts for Hotmail, Messenger and Profile.

Mail ‘“ it is a reliable email from Hotmail that is featured with spam protection and lots of storage.

Photos ‘“ you can use this to display your favorite photos in slideshow. You can opt to let only the people you choose to view it.

Calendar ‘“ an organizer for you schedules. You can share your calendar with others and it helps you be reminded of important schedules.

Events ‘“ you can share your planned events and even use customized invitations.

SkyDrive ‘“ it is an online storage for your files, which can be shared with friends.

Groups ‘“ it can be used to create a webpage for your group and can also make calendars for a group event.

Spaces ‘“ this can be used as a personal page; it can be a web blog or a web page for your photos, videos and more.

Family Safety ‘“ it is a web filter to help protect kids from surfing websites not suitable for young audiences.

PC Applications or Windows Live Essentials

Messenger ‘“ it is a chat tool that goes beyond chatting. It can also be used to play games and exchange files.

Mail ‘“ it is a single program to access your calendar and multiple email accounts.

Writer ‘“ it is a useful application to share your photos, ideas and videos on blog services.

Photo Gallery ‘“ a program used for retrieving photos and videos right from your camera to readily share on the web.

Movie Maker ‘“ this is a great tool to create movies from your pictures and video clips.

Toolbar ‘“ a tool to access your Windows Live services from anywhere on the web.

Family Safety ‘“ this is a safety internet security tool for your kids’ protection.

Mobile Phone Application

Mobile ‘“ stay online with your web-enable phone unit.

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