What is Tegra 2?

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What is Tegra 2?
Tegra 2 is a system on a “super” chip developed by NVIDIA for mobile phones and mobile internet devices. It is said to be the fastest chip that can be used for mobile devices as it combines a CPU, memory controller, GPU, north and south bridges into a single super chip. This results in faster processing of data and enables multitasking activities. With increased performance of smartphones, mobile internet devices, and PDAs or personal data assistants one would expect that it consumes a lot of power. But with NVIDIA’s Tegra 2, the whole “system in a chip” concept allows for optimal performance with less power usage.

A big part of Tegra 2’s contribution to improved computer performance is the dual-core CPU (ARM Cortex-A9). With dual core processing, users will be able to experience faster computer processing in terms of Web browsing, application usage, and overall computer device performance. Tegra 2’s GPU also features a three-dimensional user interface. This is great news for mobile game players as the 3D functionality adds fun to the ultimate gaming experience. And since this super chip is built on maximizing performance on minimal power, HD movies may be viewed without having to worry much on power consumption. Tegra 2 also has a 1GHz frequency per core adding to its impressive processing power. Tegra 2 memory also stands at 1GB.

Being able to provide a 3D-capable graphics processor, Tegra 2 is now moving on to the Android-based mobile device market. Many Android devices now are developing their products along with Tegra 2 to provide users and customers with an optimized gaming experience with 3D functionality. Today, Tegra 2 can be found in new mobile internet devices and smartphones manufactured by Motorola, LG, Toshiba, and a lot more others. With its great value for improved overall performance with minimal power consumption, Tegra 2 is considered the super chip of future mobile devices.

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