What is Oracle?

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Oracle is one of the largest software development companies that we currently have in the world. It has specialized in database products using relational database systems that support the structured query language which is commonly referred to as SQL language. SQL is today an industry standard among those in the database software business.

In 1977, Lawrence Larry Ellison along with Bob Miner and Ed Oates formed a company, Software Development Laboratories or SDL. The company operated as SDL for only two years and in 1979 it was renamed to Relational Software Inc also known as RSI. This was inline with the company’s mission which was at the time to commercialize the use of relational database software. RSI developed its first commercially available relational database software and called it Oracle V2 though there was never a V1. It was not until 1983 that the company finally took up the name Oracle which was more in line with its product, Oracle V2. The company now operates in more than one hundred and fifty countries around the world with more than forty thousand employees working in these different locations. Its head office is currently in Redwood Shores, California.

Today Oracle has expanded its business and provides internet enabled software for businesses with a product line that includes database, decision support tools, custom application development and other business applications. With a focus on innovation, Oracle has managed to remain relevant in the IT and software industries for over thirty years which is no mean achievement. It requires the ability to adjust to changes by those developing complementing and competing products and they have managed this quiet well. One of these innovations is the availability of its products in 63 language versions which also include language variations. This has made its products a preferred choice among users in most parts of the world.

There is an Oracle certification program which professionals who are looking to get certified in the administration and management of Oracle databases can enroll for. There are three levels with the Oracle Certified Master being the top most. There are a number of colleges and online schools that offers the programs which are internationally recognized. There are other product specific certifications available such as the Oracle Application Server 10g Administrator Certified Associates. All of these are awarded and regulated by the Oracle Corporation directly or through partners and associates.

Oracle’s preference for SQL was driven by the fact that with SQL you can select data, input new records while updating or deleting others. SQL can also be embedded to other languages especially where developing database applications. All Oracle products are developed following a user centered design processes which mean that the end product will not only deliver excellent performance, but it will also be easy to use, pleasantly presented and have a practical interface.

Despite the many challenges the company has faced over the years, Oracle has fought hard to gain and maintain its position as the leading software developer in the world.

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