What is MeV?

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What is MeV?
MeV or Multi-Experiment Viewer is an application with a user-friendly interface that is used to analyze and visualize large-scale genomic data. MeV allows quick access to different algorithms and is able to provide results and display expression and annotation data from different experimentations. It is also used as a data-mining tool for numerous data involving microarray gene expressions.

MeV is an open-source type of software and can be freely downloaded by anybody who needs this particular application. Many scientists and/or biologists use this desktop application to help them visualize, analyze, and/or classify statistical data. MeV also features several modules including those for hierarchical clustering, significance microarray analysis, self-organizing maps, support trees, and K-means clustering among others. Another popular module is GSEA or gene set enrichment analysis which is able to compute whether some set of genes have differences in two phenotypes. The difference measured will also show the user if it is statistically significant. All these modules can be easily accessed by the user by a simple click of a button. MeV also features an extensive array of statistical tools like template matching, T-tests, non-parametric tests, BRIDGE, BETR or Bayesian Estimation of Temporal Regulation, and variance analysis through ANOVA or 2ANOVA.

Visualizations on the MeV can be done through two methods namely, Linear Expression Map and Gene Distance Matrix. MeV also features several data reduction and classification techniques to help users with large-scale statistical data analysis. Support Vector Machines, Discriminant Analysis Classifier, Principal Component Analysis, and Expression Terrain Maps are just some of the data classification and reduction features of MeV. The good thing about this application is that it runs on various operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. Its only requirement is that Java 1.5 or 1.6 versions are installed on these computers. This application is also designed for easy installation and expansion since the codes are open-source.

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