What is jswtrayutil.exe

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Jswtrayutil.exe refers to a file associated with the Jumpstart folder that is stored under Program Files in Windows-based computers. With its .exe extension, jswtrayutil performs utility functions for wireless internet connections. This file is considered part of the TP-LINK networking systems, a popular company that provides various networking-related products across the globe. TP-LINK has its main office in China and produces various networking components including routers, network modems and adapters for personal computers and mobile gadgets. When these networking and hardware components are used, they typically come up with corresponding software and program components. Through these components, network experts and administrators will be able to setup networking communications between various computers and devices. In the case of wireless connectivity, TP-LINK software typically includes jswtrayutil.exe to help with various utility functions in a particular wireless network.

Whenever people encounter files that are named with unfamiliar names and .exe extensions, many would suspect that they are automatic Trojans or malware. Some people also encounter this particular executable file when encountering errors over a wireless network supported by TP-LINK products. When some connectivity issues arise, some errors may point to the jswtrayutil.exe as the process that have encountered the exact error or the process that has failed to launch or continue. In these situations, it is best that people consult with the experts before doing anything or deleting the file. This file provides specific functionality to a TP-LINK supported wireless network and may cause connectivity issues if it is deleted. It may be best for users to have this particular process stopped and have the computer recover from the error. Stopping this particular process may help address the error and prevent the computer from getting any more errors. Jswtrayutil.exe is not a core process in the Windows environment and this only means that it can be stopped anytime if errors are encountered with it.

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