What is Jigging?

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What is Jigging?
Jigging is a type of fishing using baits that are called jigs. Jigs are baits or fish lures covered with a soft body. And unlike many other types of baits, jigs are supposed to move in a jerky manner vertically, instead of horizontally gliding through the water. Jigging is said to be a good technique for waters with lots of obstruction, like weeds, sunken wood or tree items, and rocks among others. But one can still use jigs in clear waters with the aid of some form of cover to the bait.

There are many types of jig baits available in fishing stores. They also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with some called as nylon jigs, mylar jigs, bucktail jigs, and feathered jigs among others. Jigging is also touted as the best technique in terms of the number of fish catch. Though some would argue that the best indicator for fish catch is still the location on where you fish.

The jigging technique uses a drop-type of bait wherein you lower the lure onto the water floor. This technique may be applied in either salt or fresh water. When one wants to go deep, his jig must also be heavier. But since jigs are considered very effective in catching fish, many claim that one will catch fish before the bait even touches the ocean or river floor. One must know also that deep water jigging not only requires heavier bait, but also requires a different technique. But overall, the most important formula for successful jigging is to know how the jig “feels” in every step of setting up the bait. Great fishermen know the feeling of the jig as it drops, as it hits the bottom or river floor, and as it is being lifted up. With this skill in the pocket, one will surely catch lots of fish.

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