What is JDesktopPane?

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JDesktopPane is a feature of Java programming language that uses the so-called MDI or multi-document interface. Through JDesktopPane, software and application developers and programmers will be able to use one main window during programming and this particular window will contain several other open documents. In this way, programmers can multi-task and allow the implementation of several or multiple interfaces of different documents.

The main use of a JDesktopPane is to allow the processing of various open documents within a main window. This functionality basically points out the fact that programmers are able to handle multiple document interfaces through smaller windows under the main window. During programming, when one uses JDesktopPane, all open documents may be contained in what they call as “small” or “child” windows. These small windows on the other hand may be controlled in the main or “parent” window. Since the smaller windows represent the open documents and the control is done using the main window, the bigger window or interface is also referred to as the “control” window. It is through this window that the open documents may be processed and managed simultaneously or in parallel.

Java is a popular programming language because it can be applied for various purposes. Using simple interface tools like JDesktopPane makes it easier for programmers to manage different documents all at once and this is especially applicable to those who are already familiar in the Java environment or graphic user interface. The best benefit that people can get from Java-based programming is that most applications written in this language are designed to run in many other platforms. The codes are only written in Java but the programs that are created are specifically configured to work and run smoothly on other platforms. This particular functionality makes Java very popular in terms of programming language choice. Add to that the various functionalities it provides through tools such as JDesktopPane.

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