What is ISV Certified?

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Hardware certification is a common process today. In this process, computer hardware is tested and its compatibility with certain software packages is detected.  Since the prices of hardware devices are falling at an increasingly quick pace, big enterprises like Novell, Sun Microsystems and Cisco no longer manufacture devices. In fact, they usually certify or license smaller hardware companies, which mostly operate from countries like China and Taiwan.

The full form of ISV is independent software vendor. ISVs are involved in the making and selling of software products which can run on one or more computer operating systems or hardware. Special business programs are offered by huge conglomerates like Microsoft, IBM, Apple, etc to these software vendors. This acts as a huge support for them. The reason behind lending support to third party application vendors is that with changing needs of people and ever-changing technology, more applications running on a platform provides more value to the platform.

It is to be noted that platform manufacturers themselves make applications but they are just not sufficient to cater to rising technological needs. Certified ISVs are third parties that make software while keeping in mind the needs of the consumers. They develop applications which are appropriate to the needs of modern times, and sell them at good prices to platform manufacturers. This whole process provides the consumers with an exceptional and seamless experience.

Leading industry applications produced by ISVs provide optimum performance and reliability to users. This makes the companies and their products popular with the gadget savvy tech users. Companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Macintosh have innumerable ISV certified programs running. ISVs do face a lot of challenges on a day-to-day basis but that does not hold them back from making the best products possible. ISV collaboration allows these small application-developing companies to market their products well and strike a good deal with big hardware manufacturers.

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