What is Ideology?

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What is Ideology?
Ideology refers to one’s ideas or beliefs that govern his/her particular action. If a person thinks of something as ideal, he/she usually lives according to this particular ideal.

Ideology is quite so complex that it has various applications to the different aspects of life. In basic communities, ideology shows up as some form of common belief between people. Basic rules of a particular society are founded on common truths and beliefs. Like in government setups, one community may find it ideal to use own resources for growth and sustainability while others may believe that a community’s growth will only come from free enterprise with neighbors and other communities from distant lands.

In religion, there are various Christian churches and denominations simply because of differences in ideology. Though all organizations declare themselves as Christians, many of them differ in what is supposed to be ideal practices for worship and fellowship. Issues such as abortion and birth control have long been an issue for many churchgoers. One side takes the church’s traditional stand on “pro-life” options, while others have changed their beliefs and would like amendments on these particular issues. In Islam, there are also several factions that exist and could not really cooperate with each other because of differences in ideals.

In today’s political parties for example, people tend to aggressively differentiate themselves from the other parties because of strong ideals and beliefs. Like in the US, many politicians go with either the Republican or Democratic parties to spread their intentions, especially during election time. Ideology in a sense makes a particular person stick to his judgment and actions because he/she considers them ideal. Many of these idealists think that what is ideal is what’s right or what’s best.

Because of ideology, many governments and countries have engaged in wars. Cultures have clashed because of firm beliefs that their ideal was the best way. Organizations were broken and split for differences in opinion.

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