What is Hybrid Crossfire?

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Hybrid Crossfire is an image processing technology developed by AMD or Advanced Micro Devices. Through this particular technology, 3D image rendering is greatly improved and enhanced with the help of the so-called crossfire or integration of the computer’s Integrated Graphics Processor and its corresponding Graphics Processing Unit. The Hybrid Crossfire technology basically allows the integration of 2 video card slots that can work together with the computer’s IGP or Integrated Graphics Processor to produce a performance enhancement in terms of 3D graphic scenes or rendering. In some Hybrid Crossfire configurations, up to 4 GPU slots may be accommodated to produce noticeable improvements in the graphics display.

Hybrid Crossfire is very popular among users who like to play the latest online gaming particularly those that are classified as MMORPG, or the so-called Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games. Games in this category typically require the most advanced and capable video cards along with the most powerful computer and graphics processors in order to load and play the game successfully and get the best experience in terms of 3D graphics performance and display. With Hybrid Crossfire, multiple video card slots may be used and these can be integrated with the computer’s graphics processor to produce as much as 50% improvement in 3D graphics and image quality.

Hybrid crossfire was originally developed by ATI Technologies with the first generation product introduced back in 2005. With limitations of this product in terms of maximum graphics resolution, an enhancement was made in the form of its second generation product offering called the Crossfire Xpress 3200. This was developed for optimum and high-speed efficiency of the computer’s graphic cards. The current version is called the Hybrid mode of CrossFire X by AMD. This version allows integration of AMD graphics technology through its northbridge architecture and multiple video or graphic cards.

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