What is HSK certificate?

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What is HSK certificate?

HSK or Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi certificates refer to Chinese proficiency test certificates provided by HSK Center Beijing Language and Culture University.  The certificates are issued to successful examinees of the HSK test which are given to non-native Chinese speakers.

HSK certificates are awarded for three different proficiency levels namely HSK Basic, HSK Elementary Intermediate, and HSK Advanced. The Basic certificate is literally for those with only basic knowledge of the Chinese language.  For some people at least 100 to about 800 hours of Chinese language tutorials is needed to pass the HSK Basic test and get the corresponding certificate.  One level higher than the Basic test is the HSK Elementary-Intermediate Test.  Certificates for this level are awarded to individuals who have reached the minimum proficiency score in the elementary or intermediate level.  A person may reach this level and get an intermediate HSK certificate after learning the Chinese language for a total of at least 400 hours up to 2000 hours.  The highest HSK certificate is for the Advanced level.  Successful examinees at this level typically had 3000 or more hours of Chinese language lessons.

HSK certificates are common requirements for school admissions and job applications in china.  Non-native speakers of the language need to get this type of certification in order to prove their ability and proficiency.  Aside from admission to university or graduate school, HSK certificates may also be used to exempt a person from having to go through a Chinese language course which may be required by an academic institution.  In the case of prospective employees who are non-native Chinese language speakers, some companies may require them to present HSK certificates.  Although HSK certificates are considered permanent, the corresponding test scores are only valid for two years.  This is especially applicable to foreign student applicants to various schools and universities in mainland China.

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