What is HCHO?

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HCHO is the formula for formaldehyde which is a compound chemical that comes in different forms. Formaldehyde under room temperature is a distinctive and colorless substance that has a pungent smell. It is also a gaseous compound that is flammable.

Formaldehyde has many uses especially in the industries of construction and manufacturing such as the manufacturing of wood products, plywood, fiber board, space heaters using kerosene and appliances that burn fuel.

This substance may also be used for the production of household products like an ingredient in glues, preservative for medical laboratories and even like a sterilizer.

Formaldehyde is a by-product of various inherent processes and of combustion and comes in different levels of concentrations.

Formaldehyde explained

But formaldehyde is relatively dangerous as one report even describes this compound as a possible human carcinogen.

Formaldehyde is however very useful and as such many manufacturers still opt to use this chemical.

There are many manufactured products in the market that make use of formaldehyde as the ingredient or even material. Formaldehyde is also used widely for the production of various common household products that may include shampoo, paper towels, toothpaste, deodorant, lipstick, nail polish and photographic film.

Some glue products also use formaldehyde and as such it is used to manufacture composite panel products. Likewise, formaldehyde is also used in the productions of building materials, different kinds of ink, wrinkle free fabrics and some units of automobiles.

It is rather difficult to find replacements for formaldehyde and this is the reason many organizations still use this product despite its potential health risks.

Health risks for formaldehyde

Those who are exposed to formaldehyde for prolonged time may suffer some health conditions as it can trigger certain illnesses like nausea, asthma, burning sensation in the eyes, headaches, difficulty in breathing and respiratory irritation, to name a few.

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