What is global warming caused by?

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Global warming is one aspect of climate change that involves rising temperatures in various regions of the world. Data from the past are literally compared with that of the present and experts have pointed out that the overall temperature of the whole planet is rising and this is said to have significantly altered the weather patterns in recent times. With global warming considered to be an existing problem, more violent and catastrophic weather is expected in many parts of the globe. With this so-called climate change brought about by global warming, experts have also pointed out several reasons for its occurrence. One major contributing factor to global warming is the greenhouse effect. With increasing dependence on machines for example, people are said to contribute to global warming by means of increasing the emission of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. These gases are known to stay in the atmosphere and trap the heat instead of letting it dissipate outwards. With trapped heat in the Earth’s atmosphere, temperatures will also rise involving the air and even the oceans.

The use of fossil fuels in generating electric power is a huge contributor to the release of greenhouse gases in the environment. The same holds true for the increasing number of cars in the roads of many countries in the world. Cars and other machines are known to emit greenhouse gases and therefore contribute to global warming. For this reason some types of gasoline or fuels are banned in some countries because of their heat-trapping effects. Massive cutting out of trees are also culprits in the global warming issue. Plants and trees are known to absorb carbon dioxide which is a type of greenhouse gas and when there aren’t much of them left, the carbon dioxide will be released to the atmosphere and therefore further contributing to global warming.

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