What is Football?

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What is Football?
Football is arguably the world’s most popular and favorite sport. This particular sport is played by two teams with eleven members each. These players play in an area called a “football pitch” with the team’s net or goal on the opposite sides. Ten of the players run around to pass and kick the ball while the remaining team member, called the goalie, is in-charge of protecting their team’s net. The basic purpose is to pass and kick the ball around and shoot it to the opposing team’s goal or net to make a score. The game is usually played for a total of 90 minutes, with the team scoring the most goals declared as the winner. In the case wherein both teams are scoreless at the end of the regulation time of 90 minutes, some rules allow for a “penalty shootout” wherein players for both teams will line up on their opposing team’s goal to take the “penalty kick” near the goal line. The team that scores the most penalty kicks wins the game.

Football as a game involving “kicking a ball” has been around for more than 100 years. Many of the previous games in the past were said to be played differently from the football people know today. A football-like game emerged in China in the 2nd or 3rd centuries wherein a leather ball was used for kicking into a small net made of bamboo. A similar game was also played in Japan by Kemaris. This Japanese version is not played competitively and the players just pass the ball to each other hoping that it will not touch the ground.

Today, football is a global sport governed by FIFA. Many countries around the world have their own leagues and football clubs that follow international rules on the sport. Every 4 years, FIFA organizes the biggest prize in football which is the “World Cup”. This particular tournament is participated by many countries from all continents to gain football supremacy.

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