What is EOTO?

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EOTO is a music band that specializes in electronic music.  It is composed of Michael Travis and Jason Hann to form the duo back in 2006. EOTO has increasingly become popular in many parts of the US because of its unique mix of live band music accompanied by electronic instruments.  Both Travis and Hann are big fans of electronic dance music and they successfully mixed it up with true live band sound.  Common band instruments such as guitars and drums are played live while electronic music software is used to bring out a unique blend of sound.  Even vocals are thrown into the mix and all the sound ingredients are mixed together using the latest in music technology.

For his part of the EOTO duo, Jason Hann typically plays an electronic drum set that is attached to several touch screens to generate several electronic effects to the music.  He also tinkers with a couple of MIDI players to add to the layering of electronic live band sound.  Michael Travis meanwhile takes care of generating subsonic electronic frequencies through either a regular guitar or bass guitar. Travis is also fond of using several music and sound synthesizers combining both analog and digital units to create an eclectic mix of electronic sound.

For their album releases, EOTO sound is known be purely live and does not contain pre-recorded looping sounds.  To date, EOTO has released three studio albums and several live tracks taken from their numerous live shows.  As a band, EOTO’s first ever performance was in May of 2006 at an event called Sonic Bloom.  From then on, this popular electronic band has already played to huge crowds in different venues across the US in 48 different states.  The band also regularly plays at select retail stores of Apple in the US to be able to showcase the way they create their kind of electronic music.

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