What is engineserver.exe?

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‘Engineserver.exe’ is an executable program that is part of the McAfee VirusScan Enterprise software starting with version 8.7i. It is basically an enhancement to the previous version’s virus scanning processes that were classified as “in-processes.”  McAfee VirusScan is one of many anti-virus products or software that is installed in people’s computers.  This particular software basically works to detect and stop any viruses that run in a person’s computer.  Through the means of “file scanning,” files such as ‘engineserver.exe’ runs in the background or while an application is running to check whether a virus or malware is present or not.  In case a virus is found, for example, the software may automatically delete and remove the unwanted file or prompt the user to do something with it.

Older versions of McAfee VirusScan basically scan the computer through a series of executable files.  One application, for example, will generate a specific executable file while it is being used.  Once this particular scanner or executable file encounters a problem, the whole application may be affected and may need to be restarted.  Starting with the 8.7i version, McAfee VirusScan now runs through the engineserver.exe which basically runs outside of the application or program used.  Whenever one program is opened, the engineserver.exe file is activated to scan this particular program for possible viruses and threats.

In terms of memory or computer resources, the engineserver.exe file of the McAfee VirusScan software saves previous instances of DAT and engine files to help speed up the virus-scanning process.  Any time an application is used or opened, the previous instances of DAT files and engine files are used by engineserver.exe to perform its virus-scanning tasks.  Not all goes well, though, when engineserver.exe is running or is activated.  There are times that some people complain that this particular file is eating up so much of the computer’s resources causing some applications to crash.  When this happens, users may need to restart the application or restart their computers.

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