What is .eml?

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What is .eml?
.EML is a file extension for email messages in Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook. An .EML file may contain headers in plain ASCII text, main body of the letter which may contain attachments and hyperlinks to particular websites. These attachments may be in the form of documents, spreadsheets, pictures, videos, or PDF files.

An .EML file with text-only contents is typically small in size, just a few kilobytes. But since attachments can be made, file size may vary depending on the type of file being attached. Video and Image files are very large in size but can be ‘zipped’ or compressed to make them smaller. Email providers can limit the file size though, and storage for existing emails may also have a limit or maximum capacity. Like in the corporate setup, many companies limit the size of the files that can be attached to emails, along with the size of the files being uploaded and downloaded from the internet or from a particular company server.

.EML files can also be handled by other programming languages like Javascript and Visual Basic. But in basic computers, some errors in the registry files will mean incorrect file association to .EML files. Outside of Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook, one may try to open files with the .EML extension. In normal cases, the user will just double-click on the file and the computer will automatically find the right program to open the file. Otherwise, the computer will prompt a question asking the user on which program to use in opening the file. If you get this prompt, then it’s time to check errors in the registry files.

.EML files can also be opened by other programs like Mozilla Thunderbird in Linux platforms, IndrediMail, Apple Mail in Mac computers, BitDaddys emlOpen ViewFree, Encryptomatic Message Viewer Lite, and QuickMail Pro.

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