What is Dijonaise?

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What is Dijonaise?
Dijonaise is basically a sauce made from combining Dijon mustard and mayonnaise. One may opt to buy ready-made dijonaise or make his/her own dijonaise sauce. Dijon mustard and mayonnaise are both popular sauces and condiments and when mixed together, it is said to make a unique and smooth taste.

The use of Dijon mustard is preferred by some because of its more palatable taste when compared with the basic yellow mustard. Dijon mustard is made from mustard seeds mixed with juice from unripe grapes, instead of vinegar which is commonly used in regular mustard. This results to smoother and less sour mustard taste. This particular recipe was said to be created by Jean Naigeon of Dijon, France. Mayonnaise meanwhile is a mixture of egg yolks with some lemon juice or vinegar and some oil. It is also used as a sauce or dressing for a variety of foods including salads and dry meat dishes. Because of the lemon juice and/or vinegar mixed to the egg yolks, mayonnaise also has a sour bittery taste. And when this sour taste from mayonnaise is further combined with the sourness of regular mustard, the resulting mixture wouldn’t be very palatable. And so Dijon type of mustard was used to combine with mayonnaise to make the taste smoother.

Dijonaise can be used in various recipes. Many use it as sauce to fruits, vegetables, and mixed salads. Some also use it as dips for meat products. Others use it as part of cooking main dishes using pork, chicken, beef, and other meats. While others are content with readily available dijonaise mixtures, one can make dijonaise on his/her own. One may opt to make Dijon mustard and mix with regular mayonnaise or he/she may also make the mayonnaise from scratch too. Various dijonaise recipes are also available online for everyone to try their skills in cooking.

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