What is CVR?

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What is CVR?
CVR or Creative Visualization and Relaxation is a technique that involves some form of mental coaching to attain certain goals. Through the use of positive thoughts and pleasant pictures in the mind, a person is said to be able to control emotions and be more focused on some aspects of his/her life. Through this activity, the body is said to respond positively creating a feeling of calmness and relaxation. At this state, a person will have a more relaxed breathing and will have a clearer sense of thinking.

CVR is done by people for a variety of reasons. One obvious reason is to relieve stress. Since CVR is a form of meditation, the hormones that result to a bad mood and stressful feeling are controlled. With positive images in the mind, a person can control his/her feelings to gravitate towards peace and happiness. Other people also engage in CVR for the relief of pain. For experts, the feeling of pain involves a physical and psychological part. It is through the psychological aspect that one can control the gravity and perception of pain. As many say, “it’s all in the mind”. And so the concept of reinforcing your thoughts with positivism will improve the overall perception of negativity including pain. CVR may also be done as a sort of mental preparation for some future undertaking or it could also serve as motivation to control body weight and perhaps let go of vices and bad habits.

Besides the conventional method of meditation, Creative Visualization and Relaxation may also be done using audio and visual aids. Through pleasant pictures and calming music, one could go deeper into his/her thoughts and help oneself achieve a better understanding of things. With a clearer mind, a person will be able to visualize whatever is best for the body and life in general.

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