What is CJS?

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What is CJS?
Criminal Justice System, or CJS as it is commonly known, is a system, which aims to deliver justice for every person. It is a highly organized body consisting of people, processes and organizations, all of which aspires to provide not only fairness but also security and help.

The Criminal Justice System is the responsible party to distinguish criminal cases and to bring about justice to such crimes. It carries out justice through many forms such as carrying out court orders, including the collection of fines or prison sentences.

The CJS is only as effective as it is organized. A wide range of agencies collaborates with each other to make sure the Criminal Justice System is delivered accordingly. Among these agencies, include the Crown Prosecution Service, the police department, the courts, the probation service, and the prison.

These agencies and their functions are further overseen and guided by three departments from the government. This managerial position is shared by the Ministry of Justice, the Attorney General’s Office, and the Home Office.

Although the Criminal Justice System or CJS may appear to have sophisticated processes to deliver its objectives, its most important part is the public.

CJS will not be able to function at all if the people will not cooperate with their government to bring forth fairness and security to their neighborhood. The different agencies which compose the Criminal Justice System can only do their designated tasks if the people will come forward to report crimes, to be witnesses, to stand up for their rights or fight for those of their neighbor’s.

In the hopes to keep CJS more accessible to the public, descriptive information about the processes involved can be found online. The site clearly outlines how the CJS works such as reporting and investigating a crime and punishment and rehabilitation.

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