What is CGI animation?

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CGI Animation refers to a process with several steps that are needed to be completed in order to turn a simple idea into an animation. The steps for CGI animation are normally performed by several people and each one is done by different people. Basically, there are five steps in this process, namely the Script, Storyboard, Layout, Animation, and Final Revision.

The first step involves the creation of a script for the particular scene. Aside from the dialogue, this also includes a list of the characters, the poses, and the backgrounds in their chronological order. It is important to animate a scene with a logical plan so that things will become more organized and in order for the animators to have a clear idea regarding what to animate.

After creating a script, the next step will be the Storyboard phase, which involves making 2D drawings of the characters, environments, and camera angles in a particular scene. Each drawing also includes a script written at the bottom to clearly show what is occurring in that scene.

Once the storyboard is done, the third step involves the Layout step, wherein the background and characters are rendered in 3D. These 3D models are made with the help of reference sources such as the 2D drawings made in the previous step. With the use of a computer, a 3D version of the Storyboard is made. However, only the camera angles and dialogue are finalized in this step.

The fourth step called the Animation phase involves the posing of 3D models in each frame so when these frames are played in chronological order, the drawings will appear to move and a complete animation will be made. Lastly, the fifth step called the Final Revision phase involves animating the hair, as well as adding of lighting, textures, and other complicated components.

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