What is Boingo?

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Boingo is a computer and IT services company that offers wireless internet services on a global scale together with its various business partners. Its main office is in the US but its services are offered beyond US borders across different countries around the globe. By subscribing to Boingo’s various wireless service plans, users can basically access the internet via wireless hotspots spread in different areas around the globe.

The basic service of Boingo is that of Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) hotspot access across many different countries. If a person who travels frequently to different destinations for example, he/she may get an internet connection whenever and wherever. Most internet connections are tied to a person’s telecommunications plan and these are often limited to a certain coverage area or tied within the limits of a particular country. With Boingo, wireless access is made possible without having to incur a significant fee for data charges. By simply connecting to a wireless hotspot, a person can access the internet while travelling or being mobile.

To access the services of Bongo Wireless, users simply need to download a specific application for Wi-Fi detection when they travel or move from one place to another. This special Bongo Wi-Fi detection app is available for download to mobile phones and devices that run on iOS, Android, and Windows phone. These platforms basically represent most if not all mobile devices around the globe. Users also need to subscribe to the Boingo wireless service to be able to connect to a wireless hotspot. The fees for this service are significantly lower than the charges if the connection was sourced from the telcos. The wireless connection feature and the low fees make Boingo a very popular app and service for many mobile phone and device users across the globe. Asides from its popular wireless connection services, Boingo also offers other IT services including software development and management among others.

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