What is ssvagent.exe?

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Ssvagent.exe is an executable file that is associated with the Java platform. Specifically, ssvagent.exe is activated to run as an updating agent or file when the Internet Explorer browser is used or opened. Every time this particular browser is used, ssvagent.exe is also activated to run in the background as an updating or installation file for Java. It may be that the page or browser is running with a Java applet or a JavaScript command which activated Java’s updating file. Under normal conditions, ssvagent.exe will quietly run in the background every time the Internet Explorer browser is opened.

For Internet Explorer and other browsers, many of them work seamlessly with the Java platform in order to make them interactive and dynamic. Java in these browsers may come in different forms but it basically provides more functionality to a particular webpage or site. The best thing about Java is that its suite of software or applications can be configured to work across different platforms or operating systems. This is also the same for different browsers. In the case of Internet Explorer, it will activate the Java installation and updating agent called ssvagent.exe and helps the webpage load successfully and allows full functionality.

For the end-user, the whole experience of opening a webpage through Internet Explorer is simple and easy. The only time it gets complicated is that when the computer prompts an error pointing to the Java agent file ssvagent.exe. When this happens, it simply means that this particular file is probably corrupted or infected with a virus. Under the Java SE or Standard Edition environment, this file shouldn’t cause any errors or problems to the end-user once the browser is opened. People who are using standard desktops may often encounter errors on the ssvagent.exe file because of the Java SE feature. If there are errors involving this file, users are typically advised to have this particular file checked for possible corruption or virus infection.

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