What is Arduino?

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Arduino is a computing tool that features a single board that can do micro-controlling functions beyond the standard desktop computer.  It has become very popular among many programming experts and novices because of its open-source micro-controller platform.  The hardware in Arduino is very simple along with the simplified code editor making it very easy to use without having to consult with expert programmers.  Advanced users meanwhile will also like using Arduino because of added features that are designed for the experts in the computer programming industry. With a simple hardware board, Arduino may be used to control or automate various things including household items such as door locks and lighting fixtures. The same micro-controller may be used for more advanced projects like robotics among many others.

The Arduino micro-controller platform was introduced back in 2005 to basically enable simple people to have a tool to create devices that can easily interact with the physical environment.  With the use of basic machine actuators and object sensors, the Arduino platform may be used by student programmers and experts in robotics and devices. Simple motion sensors and small robots that can do simple tasks can be coded and done through Arduino.  Expert programmers may take advantage of Arduino’s advanced features to create robots that can do more complicated tasks.

The best thing about Arduino is that the main platform is open-source and can run in various operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Macintosh OS X.  Users need not purchase other platforms or operating systems in order to enjoy Arduino.  The micro-controller platform can also be used as a stand-alone system or may be integrated with other computer applications and programs like Flash for example.  Arduino hardware is also relatively cheap making it a popular choice among students and hobbyists.  Beginners will also enjoy the simple programming and coding platform in Arduino while seasoned programmers will particularly like the advanced features and plug-in expansion packs.

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