Knowing FLV And Beyond

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Knowing FLV And Beyond
The dawn of Youtube and Google videos have paved the way for the popularity of the Flash video files or commonly known as FLV. Aside from Youtube and Google, some other websites also make use of an FLV extension since videos are already the trend today. Most people would rather see videos instead of going through articles. If people simply wanted to watch video streaming, there is definitely no problem. However, when they already desire to download these videos and watch them any time, the problem already arises.

Upon downloading these files, they encounter problems such as error in playing the file or their software is not compatible with the file being downloaded. In short, they still have the need to convert the FLV file into another file. There are some players however which can easily detect FLV files and play them such as the Media Player Classic. Yet, in order to be safe, it would be best to still convert this FLV file to AVI. It is due to the fact that AVI is compatible with other software and hardware.

There are a lot of videos and articles online which will provide you with the guides on how you can convert FLV files to AVI. By simply following these methods, you will no longer have a hard time in viewing these videos. However, you have to take note that there are different conversion techniques. Some of them can be very confusing. Therefore, it would be best for you to understand the processes involved first before doing any move.

Going back to the concept of FLV, it is basically a popular file used by these video hosting sites simply because they make use of lower storage space, and even at a lower bandwidth. Of course, this is very friendly for users who have slower internet connections and are in need of viewing a lot of videos at once. Yet, as said earlier, it would still be best and safe to convert FLV files to some other file extensions, and this is what makes FLV even better.

Now, you also have to understand the difference of an FLV file from a VOB file. As mentioned, FLV extension is used for video hosting sites. On the other hand, VOB files are used for running a DVD video. This is when the said video already needs subtitles, video and audio formats, and many others. Of course, it is also easier to access VOB videos and so they are commonly used for DVD’s with lengthier time involved. And unlike the FLV files, VOB is actually compatible in different players without the need to convert them.

Indeed, FLV files are very essential these days. Just imagine Youtube hosting million of videos using a file that makes use of a higher bandwidth and more memory spaces. It will really be a huge problem on the part of Youtube and their followers. It is also important for you to know that videos can have different extensions. This means that you cannot play it anytime you want especially if the said extension is not compatible with the software that you currently have.

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