Number of Lysosomal enzymes

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How many Lysosomal enzymes are there?

More than 40 have been recognized

Not too many people know that Lysosomes are subcellular organelles which perform many important cellular functions.  More than forty different lysosomal enzymes have been recognized.  Here are some of them: Nuclease, Acid phosphotase, Lipases, Proteases (Cathapsin A, B, C, D & E), Glycosidase, Lysozyme, Sulfotases, etc.  Keep in mind that, among them, acid phosphotase is a marker enzyme for lysosomes.  It is important to understand that all the enzymes need not be present in all lysosomes at all times.  Not too many people know that when lysosomes originate from Golgi bodies, they may contain only one set of enzymes.

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