Getting Rid of Razor Burns

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Shaving serves two purposes- giving a clean shaven look by removing unwanted hair and removing up to two layers of dead dull skin paving way for a healthy looking skin. Shaving is an oft repeated task more often by men who clear their face of unwanted hair and by ladies who shave off hair from legs, face and armpits. However, one of the most troublesome consequences of shaving is razor burns.

What are Razor Burns?

Razor burns are skin irritations or a sense of burning on the area that has been shaved with a razor. In some cases razor burn presents itself as reddish rash which is swollen and itchy also.

The reasons for occurrence of razor burns can vary from using a blunt razor, or shaving the area without adequately moisturizing it, unconditioned or sensitive skin or using a hard soap for shaving. The razor burns cause a lot of discomfort for the person who is compelled to get rid of these burns as soon as possible.

Ways to Get Rid of Razor Burns:

Using a Cold Compress: A cold compress can be prepared by either applying a towel soaked in cold water or ice cubes wrapped in a thin towel. This is an effective way to alleviate the burning sensation experienced during the razor burn. The cold compress also reduces the itching, redness in the area and prevents the burn from becoming a bump.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar has proven anti inflammatory properties and has acetic acid which acts as an antiseptic. This can be dabbed on to the affected area and then washed off when it is dry to reduce the consequences of the razor burn.

Aspirin: A paste made with aspirin and water can be applied on to the areas with razor burn. The anti inflammatory properties of aspirin will work wonders on razor burns if the paste is applied twice a day.

Aloe Vera: The moisturizing and cooling properties of aloe vera are well known and it works well for razor burns too. It soothes and reduces the burning sensation on the skin.

Black Tea Bags and Honey: A moistened cold tea bag will reduce razor burns due to the tannic acid content. Honey’s anti bacterial properties will prevent infection of the affected area subsequently reducing the swelling and inflammation caused due to the razor burns.

Cucumber- Yogurt Mask: Making a mask with both cucumber and yogurt will give the exfoliating benefits of the lactic acid in the yogurt while vitamin C and K in the cucumber reduces the pain and swelling in the areas of the razor burn.

Witch Hazel: Witch Hazel also has tannins which perform the same function as the tannins in black tea. Witch hazel has astringent properties which exerts a soothing effect on the areas affected by the razor burn.

In general not wearing tight clothes thereby allowing the skin to get adequate oxygen and wearing cotton clothes in and around the areas affected by razor burn would greatly reduce the razor burns and speed up the healing process.

Conclusion: Though quick fix home remedies do cure the razor burns within a couple of days it is uncomfortable to the person and it does not reduce until it is treated. However, the extent and the symptoms of razor burns vary with people and people who possess sensitive skins are likely to suffer more. Certain small precautions like shaving after a shower, using a shaving cream, clean, sharp razor and washing the razor after every shaving stroke will prevent the occurrence of such razor burns.

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