Unbelievable Facts About Hugs

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Everyone feels happy when hugged or caressed especially by someone near and dear. That cuddling is a great feeling is experienced by every other person at some point of time or the other especially during childhood. There is more than a feeling of happiness when you are hugged and that has been scientifically proved by researchers.

Fact 1 – Surprising Benefits Of Hugs
It has been found that at least eight hugs a day keeps one happier and helps to maintain better relationships. Hugging releases Oxytocin, the love hormone, in response to physical touch. It creates a feeling of goodness and being connected to others. Hugging is an incredible way to boost physical and emotional health apart from creating a feeling of togetherness.

Fact 2 – Hugging Takes Care Of Total Health
Hugging increases the level of oxytocin which is the most important hormone that controls all your feelings. When you are happy, naturally you have less of tension, stress, irritation and anxiety. You may ask how these feelings are related to hugging? Well, when you have someone who cares for you and hugs you or pats you for doing well or caresses you when you feel low, you have confident that you are not alone. Naturally you do not suffer from tension and can face all problems with a brave heart.

Fact 3 – Heart Health
When a person is free of tension and is satisfied within, diseases cannot pull him/her down. Cardiac problems are seen mostly in those individuals who are over-burdened with stress and anxiety. Too much tension leads to diseases like Diabetes and high cholesterol, increased blood pressure leading to heart problems. Since it has been proved that hugging creates a happy mood and releases oxytocin to get rid of sad feelings and enhances mood, one way of staying healthy is by hugging your near and dear ones as often as possible rather than taking drugs to stay healthy.

Fact 4
Even holding hands for a few minutes or a simple twenty-second hug can bring a great difference in life. These simple acts or gestures of love and care reduce the harmful effects of stress including its effect on blood pressure and heart rate. This happens because hugging lowers the levels of stress hormones known as cortisol.
Fact 5 – Other Effects Of Hugging
There are others benefits of hugging. A ten-second hug a day can lead to physiological and biochemical reactions in the body that improves health significantly. According to a study it has been asserted that hugging lowers the risk of heart attacks, boosts the immune system, fights fatigue, reduces depression and stress and also fights infect ion. When you are healthy and happy within it shows in everything you do starting from your early morning workouts to the eight-hours of office work and also household work.

Fact 6 – Does Hugging Always Work?

There is no doubt that cuddling and hugging works a good deal to maintain health but a pats or a hug from an unknown person or someone whose intensions are not sound are not acceptable at all. Hence you can extent your hand to greet someone or be hugged by only those persons you know and not strangers.
There are many individuals who are deprived of hugs and caresses. For such people the cuddle therapy has been designed where individuals pay for lunchtime hugs only to feel better without any medications.

Fact 7 – Other Benefits Of Hugging
Hugging is an amazing therapy to change one’s mood and disposition. One learns to show appreciation and cultivates patience. It stimulates dopamine which is the pleasurable hormone and serotonin that elevates mood. Moreover hugging balances the nervous system to enhance parasympathetic balance.

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