Ten Mind-arresting Facts About Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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1. Fetal alcohol syndrome is classified under fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).
• Fetal alcohol syndrome comprises a group of clinical features in babies born with such disorder.
• Other conditions associated with FASD are partial fetal alcohol syndrome (pFAS), alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorder (ARND) and alcohol-related birth defects.

2. Fetal alcohol syndrome is a result of substance abuse.
• This disorder is a result of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
• All types of alcohol are human teratogen (agents that distract fetal embryonic development).
• It is a harmful substance especially during pregnancy.
• There is no such thing as safe level of alcohol as it can harm the developing baby.
• Alcohol freely crosses the placenta. When a pregnant mother drinks alcohol, so her baby does.

3. Fetal alcohol syndrome is one of the leading causes of mental retardation in the United States.
• Some studies have proven that alcohol use during pregnancy can do more damage to the development of fetus than any other drugs.
• About half of the pregnancy in the US is unplanned. Women may not know they are pregnant until about 4 to 6 weeks and continue to consume alcohol.
• This the most critical stage of embryonic development.

4. Fetal alcohol syndrome leads to developmental delays in younger children.
• From birth to 2 years old, the child show signs of delays in speech, language and motor skills.
• School children tend to have difficulties in following instructions alongside with behavioral issues that interferes social skills development.
• Older children may be prone to both behavioral and emotional problems such as hyperactivity and impulsivity.

5. Fetal alcohol syndrome is irreversible.
• Fetal alcohol syndrome can cause debilitating brain damage effects.
• None of these babies have normal brain development.
• Neurodevelopmental damage cannot be resolved by any means.
• Like most cases of brain affectations, the damage is permanent.

6. Fetal alcohol syndrome poses potential heart problem to the baby.
• An average percentage of 25 accounts for dozens of congenital heart defects in cases of FAS
• It ranges from mild to severe defects and the medical treatment depends on it.

7. Fetal alcohol syndrome results in growth deficiency.
• This disorder is related to several physical defects.
• Newborn with FAS has a low birth weight. They are typically small in size both in weight and length.
• The characteristics physical features are wide-set eyes, small head size and flat nasal philtrum the hallmark of FAS).
• There are few other alcohol-related physical conditions such as cerebral palsy and cleft lip/palate which has lifelong negative consequences.

8. Fetal alcohol syndrome is one of the causes of hearing loss in children.
• Alcohol consumption during pregnancy could deprive YOUR innocent child to hear the beautiful symphony of the world.
• As compare to a normal pediatric group, children with FAS a significant higher rates of recurrent middle ear infection which may lead to sensorineural and conductive mild to moderate hearing loss.

9. Fetal alcohol syndrome is highly preventable.
• By just simply not drinking alcohol during pregnancy (or if planning to get pregnant) is more than a hundred percent effective to prevent FAS.
• A healthy mommy means a healthy baby.

10. Fetal alcohol syndrome has a huge price to pay.
• Just seeing a child suffering from consequences as a result of a negligent mother’s act gives someone emotional pain.
• These children who were being deprived to live a normal life could break someone’s heart.
• A mother of a child with FAS is held accountable to pay a large price that cannot be quantitatively measured for her entire lifetime.

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