Incredible Facts About Singing

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Music has three aspects namely singing, dancing and playing instruments. The three together make up music or “Sangeet” in its true sense. Every living being has that music inside him/her. Some sing others dance while some others play the various musical instruments.

Fact 1 What is singing

The musical notes that are produced by the voice is known as singing. But simple and good to hear notes is not singing in the actual sense. A song comprises of meaning words set to tune and rhythm and then only one can sing the song.  Singing is the special technique that involves the lungs, the larynx, the chest, the tongue, palate, teeth and the lips that work in coordination to produce a beautiful song and singing is this unique vocal technique that soothes the minds and pleases the ears.

Fact 2 Singing is a special talent

Everyone sings at some time or the other either to himself/herself or in company of others while some sing in public and fill the hearts of listeners. Although one can take singing lessons and master the various types of methods like classical pop, folk and the like, one must have talent to reach to the top. This special talent is god-gifted. The best of singing stars have inborn talents and even their speeches sound so musical to their audience.

Fact 3 Variation in voices

It has been observed that all singers do not have the same tone or the same volume in their voice. Why is this so? Theories state that singing is related to body shape and small body frames have soft voices while large and heavy singers own powerful voices. But this theory does not hold true in all cases. There are many examples of great singing talents who have huge bodies but their voices are sweet and soft and vice versa.

To become perfect and know the various techniques of voice modulation it is important to train under experienced teachers. There are various types of lessons that focus on voice modulation and the more you can master this art, the more successful you can be as a singer. Proper training and consistent practice can take an aspiring singer to great heights of success but you must have the inborn talent in you. Every individual is born with some talent and it is up to the individual to nurture it properly to achieve his/her goals.

Fact 4 Singing to touch the hearts

A performer on the stage receives great appreciations and applauses when his/her presentation or singing touches the hearts of the listeners. Music is an art and it is successful when it influences the audience. The greatest of singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, Kishore Kumar, Michael Jackson, Tom Jones, Cliff Richard, Pat Boon, Elvis Presley and many others have rocked the world with their mesmerizing voices and heart-felt songs.

Fact 5 Qualities of good singing

Every day we hear so many different types of songs but do we remember them forever or try to hum the tune at leisure hours? The song may be beautiful and the tune and rhythm quite attractive, but presenting it is most important. There are certain factors that make singing really great. They are:

  1. The emotions of the song must be expressed by the singer.
  2. The singer must learn the techniques of controlling breath, articulation of words and smooth rendering of the song that creates a lovely tone.
  3. You must sing freely with all your heart and soul.


Singing stars have overwhelmed the universe with their wonderful voices and proper rendering of the meanings and tunes of the different songs. Singing talent has to be owned, mastered and rendered appropriately to create heavenly music.

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