Horrifying Facts about BP Spill

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The BP Spill or the Deep-water Horizon Oil Spill in 2010 was one of the worst oil disasters to have occurred in history. A total of 200 million gallons of crude oil was pumped into the Gulf of Mexico that lasted for as long as 87 days. It was even bigger than the Exxon Valdez and the worst spills in American history.

Here are some of the shocking facts of the BP Spill:

  • Over 8000 animals were killed due to the BP Spill within 6 months of its occurrence. Animals included birds, turtles, and many mammals. Almost 316 sea birds were found dead along the coast of the Gulf due to oil spread over ocean waters.

  • There were 126 workers on board for the oil rigging who were contracted by BP. Among them 11 workers were killed due to explosion.

  • Tony Hayward, CEO of BP announced compensation for all those who were personally affected by the terrible oil spill.

  • BP was fined up to as much as $40 billion for the oil spill along with having to pay for clean-up costs and an additional $16 billion levied by the Clean Water Act.

  • According to legal settlements, BP had to pay $7.8 billion to the Deep-water Horizon Disaster Settlement.

  • More than 100,000 plaintiffs alleged that their health was affected by the oil spill. Settlement led to compensation and consultation for incurred medical costs along with a special health outreach program.

  • More than 30,000 people volunteered to collect oil and clean up beaches along the Gulf coastline including the care of animals affected in the oil spill.

  • A total of 16000 miles was affected by the Oil spill including the beach waters of Texas, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana.

  • In response to the event, a $20 billion oil spill fund was launched by President Obama with the objective of helping reduce environmental impacts.

  • A 5.5 million feet boom that creates a barrier when placed in water was used to absorb the oil spilt on ocean waters.

  • Almost 39 marine species were threatened after the oil spill, 14 of which were taken under federal protection.

  • The gulf coral community that was affected due to the BP oil spill spanned over an area equivalent to the size of half a football field. Evidences were found by scientists and environmentalists of how the oil spill negatively impacted deep water ecosystems.

  • About 34 dolphins that were captured for survey along the 24km stretch of south-eastern Louisiana were found to be suffering from liver disease, loss of teeth, pneumonia and even a pregnant dolphin carrying dead foetus.

  • The oil spill not only affected marine life but also organisms living on the beach with long lasting affects to a fragile ecosystem.

  • In 2012, the Gulf was still reported to have been polluted with remnants of oil.

Oil spills have severe detrimental effects on the environment and ocean wildlife. Ingestion of oil and coating of ocean waters with oil films result in death of thousands of animals as it happened in the case of the BP Spill. Oil spills can only be cleaned up using the in-situ method of burning or burning oil in a contained surface area, both of which are bad for the environment. Ecosystems affected by such massive oil spills take decades to recover with long term health problems to animal and mankind as well.


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