Fascinating Facts to Know about Different Types of Crystals

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Crystals are formed of three dimensional atomic arrangements along with ions and molecules. The atoms of a mineral are arranged in regular order and follow a pattern that repeats after a certain interval unlike that in amorphous substances. These materials are known as crystalline substances.

Crystals are solid minerals of regular geometric shape with flat surfaces. Here are some lesser known facts about crystals.


  • The Zircon Crystals of the Jack Hills, Western Australia is known as one of the foremost pieces of the planet surface. This rock surface might be 4.4 billion years old.

  • Long back it was assumed that the earth’s centre was an iron crystal which was 1500 miles wide. But the seismic reports have revealed that the inner layer or the core of the earth is made up of compound of fragmented crystals rather than a big solid piece.

  • Small silicate crystals need considerable high temperatures for formation. Quite amazingly, they have been found inside icy cold comets of the solar system. It is assumed that the required heat for formation of these crystals war acquired from the sun.

  • The largest crystal of the world is trapped in a limestone rock 1000 feet below the sea level in Chihuahua near Mexico. It is a glowing and shining gypsum crystal of 6 feet diameter and as tall as 36 feet, weighing 55 tons!


  • A crystallized sodium chloride or salt of 4.5 million cubic miles is there in the world which will be visible only when the waters will evaporate from the earth’s oceans and seas. This will be somewhat equal to a cube whose each side will measure 165 miles.


  • Sugar is another form of crystal that is used in daily household. A normal adult consumes more than 130 pounds of crystal a year in that sense. Sugar not only results in tooth decay and obesity but it is a crystal that is responsible for high blood pressure as well.


  • Recently, DNA crystals have been created by the chemists of Purdue University, Argonne National Laboratory and New York University. There DNA crystals are large enough to be visible with naked eyes and finds extensive use in drug development and Nano-electronics.


  • White snow and flakes are also a form of pure water crystals. They do not remain pure for long because when they start to collect on ground, they start absorbing pollutants from the atmosphere like soot and mercury. Hence white snow should never be taken.


  • Crystal methamphetamine, a compound of d-methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulator which is artificially synthesized in laboratories by chemists. They are similar to small pieces of blue and white glass though practically it’s colourless and odourless.


  • Crystal Meth, as it is commonly known is abused as a drug for its euphoric effects that last long. It is more pure than the d-methamphetamine and can be either injected or taken in glass tubes like in cracked cocaine.

Crystals are naturally occurring substance however they can be artificially made or grown as well in proper temperature and conditions. As it is an organic compound, the purity is highly dependent on the type of solvent used for re-crystallization.

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